What if you could influence meaningful improvements in your organization’s products and services?

And be excited when you deliver great projects?!?

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What if you could create a strong culture of delivering great user experiences?

And put the constant battles to make users a priority behind you?!

What if you could drive important decisions directly from critical user research insights?

And know the problems you're solving are the right ones to solve?!

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What if you could convince your toughest stakeholders that your work will drive innovation?

We know you feel like you’ve tried everything to get buy-in from stakeholders. You’ve sought out every technique for persuading them to see the power of UX as you do.

You’ve skimmed hundreds of articles.

You’ve listened to dozens of podcasts.

You’ve watched the leadership conference presentations.

You’ve read so many books.

You’ve done your best to solve your complete puzzle by pulling all the pieces together. It’s hard. Especially when every suggestion still leaves you with an incomplete picture. And when you don’t have the right support to bring the picture into focus.

This means that you're standing still no matter how much action you take. For an action-taker like you, that feeling of stalling out is so defeating. It’s exhausting.

We get it. We’ve been there.

We also know how to get through it. And we know how to get you through it.

With all your experience and dedication, don’t you think it’s time you start WINNING?

It’s time you win your stakeholders’ trust and start influencing important product decisions.

Overcome objections from stakeholders who are resistant to UX

Win over the hardest of the hard-to-convince stakeholders in your organization. Get teams to adopt a user-centered approach. Wake up excited about your UX work.

To sell the toughest of stakeholders on the value of UX research and design, you have to persuade them that UX design is not a “make it pretty” afterthought but rather a core part of every product and service.

Guide your stakeholders to make intelligent choices that lead to real change

You’ll make solid contributions to your organization’s product roadmap based on what users genuinely need and want.

Stakeholders see your best work as essential to the product’s success

You'll work with stakeholders who appreciate your great UX work and who understand the value you contribute to their efforts.

Influence strategic business decisions with your UX research results

Your senior executives will champion even more research because they now see how the entire organization benefits from it.

Did you know that you already have immense power? Let’s uncover & focus it — together.


The 8 Pillars of Stakeholder Influence

Every UX leader reaches a point where their work needs to shift. Creating great designs and conducting meaningful UX research isn’t enough. They must overcome the pressures of the organization and, most importantly, they need the help of key stakeholders to make that happen.

UX is a team sport. You need support and buy-in from your partners in product management and development. However, that support won’t come by itself.

We’ve spent the last two decades studying how successful UX leaders get their peers to make UX a top priority. We’ve collected the techniques and perspectives that give these UX leaders an advantage in their organization.

We’ve packaged these up into eight important themes. We call them…

The 8 Pillars of Stakeholder Influence

Become the UX leader your org is seeking

Realize the power you already have to influence positive change throughout your organization.

Establish UX outcomes & visions

Align stakeholders on how people’s lives will improve when you deliver great products.

Build strong connection skills

Grow the language, communication, persuasion, and sales capability necessary to influence others with your ideas and get buy-in for your initiatives.

Navigate product & development politics

Uncover how to find common ground and identify opportunities for influence.

Explore the dynamics of organizational power and influence

Reveal the forces and currents within the organization that will deliver you sponsorship and support.

Identifying persuasive UX metrics

Demonstrate how UX achieves key business objectives.

Growing a practice of servant leadership

Put your experience, knowledge, skills, and capabilities to work as you address every stakeholder’s priorities and agenda.

Pinpoint user needs through strong UX research

Create a solid base of evidence that fortifies the importance of your initiatives.

As you master the skills, tools, and mindsets of each pillar, you’ll immediately feel as if you’ve been released from the restraints that have been holding you back. You’ll see results right away because your ideas and suggestions won’t get the pushback they have in the past.

Instead, you’ll become empowered to push for even bigger and better things. Most importantly, your contributions will be appreciated and encouraged. You’ll finally have the support you need.

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  J.D., A Senior Digital UX Leader in a B2C Software:

I picked up invaluable tips for reframing my mindset when collaborating with my partners. I discovered whom to influence and measure my impact and outcomes.

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  S.P., UX Designer and Researcher in Insurance Solutions:

This program gave me the tools and advice I need to be a better listener, ask better questions in meetings, and get better results in conversations with my stakeholders.

Our Newest Program:
How to
Win Stakeholders & Influence Decisions

We want you to get the support you need to attain a new level in your UX career.

That’s why we invite you to enroll in our brand new How to Win Stakeholders & Influence Decisions program.

This 16-week program has everything you need to master each of the 8 Pillars of Stakeholder Influence. You’ll work closely with the program leaders, Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool, to learn new skills, attain a new set of tools, and develop the necessary influential-leadership mindset to propel your career in a whole new (and much more fun) direction.

Here’s how the program works…

Meet the 8 Pillars:
Every two weeks, for the 16-weeks of the program, Leslie and Jared will introduce you to a brand new pillar of stakeholder influence. They’ll share the techniques, tips, and methods that will expand your current skill set and put you on a path to success.

Practice your new skills:
During the two weeks, you’ll develop a plan for how you’ll put your new skills into practice. You’ll see what works best for you and start building new habits of persuasion and influence.

Live Coaching Sessions:
Each week, join one of our live coaching sessions, where Leslie, Jared, and the Center Centre team work with you and your fellow program attendees. Receive mentoring on your questions, big challenges, and plans for how you’ll win support and influence change.

We’ll host the sessions in a private program space inside our Leaders of Awesomeness community. There you’ll find the recordings for all the lessons and coaching sessions, along with session notes and workbooks for the practice sessions. You’ll have access to that space as long as you’re in the program (with an option to extend access once the program ends).

Your investment in lifetime skills will forever change the trajectory of your UX career

We’re quite serious when we say this. What you learn in this program will be skills, tools, and mindsets that you’ll use every day for the lifetime of your UX career. We’ve seen UX professionals take these techniques and successfully make a case for…

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  C.M., Senior UX Designer in Digital Media Software:

This program transformed my discussions with my team. I now stop negative assumptions and see the full picture of what my team is working on. Allowing for better connections and support.

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  J.C., UX Design Manager at a B2C Home service:

This program taught me that success is a result of the positive change you make in the world. The focus on servant leadership and the actionable pillars helped me to practice climbing a ladder to achieve real-life wins.

Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool will guide you

Everything you learn in this 16-week program comes directly from the experience that Leslie and Jared have. They’ve been working for decades across industries, discovering the best practices of successful UX leaders.

Leslie and Jared joined forces in 2012. Since then, they have worked with top UX leaders at organizations like IBM, NASA, GE, Fidelity Investments, GM, Exxon Mobil, Dolby, and Adobe.

Leslie’s deep knowledge about leadership and human relationships is mind-bogglingly astute. You’ll find yourself asking, “how does she know that my stakeholders are exactly like that?”

Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool
Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool

You’ll love Jared’s always-relevant stories and his ability to demonstrate every point with a simple, concrete example. He’s done this work for a long time and will share every corner of his knowledge and experience with you.

Most importantly, you’ll love how much more confident you’ll feel each week as you take in and start to use what you learn. Leslie and Jared have poured their experience-informed wisdom into this program. They’ve listened to what you’ve been struggling with. So don’t pass up this opportunity to learn everything you can.

Ready to win stakeholders & influence decisions?



Do you have your sights on changing UX in your organization?

The change begins with you.

Think about your future.

Does that get you excited?

Then you’re ready. You’re ready to get the right skillset, the right toolset, and the right mindset to positively impact this world. You’ll have the power to make a difference. You’ll love the work you do every day. You’ll be energized and excited about the problems you’re solving.

And Leslie and Jared will be there, right beside you. They will support you all the way. With the knowledge and expertise they’ve acquired over decades, they know what works for the most successful UX leaders. With their help, you’ll join that select group of outstanding professionals.

This can be your reality. And it starts today with one simple step. Enroll in the program.

Enrolling solo? Use the Individual button.

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That’s it. That’s all you have to do to get 16 weeks of Jared’s and Leslie’s support. That’s all you have to do to get on the path to changing the trajectory of your UX career.

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%

As in, your money back. Seriously.

These techniques work. We’ve seen them work with UX leaders all around the world.

We want you to succeed. We want you to feel 100% confident that you’ll know how to align your UX capabilities with key business objectives. Even your toughest stakeholders — the ones constantly blocking UX progress — will find it difficult to argue with solid ideas that support their own priorities.

That’s why we offer this guarantee. There’s no risk here. Sign up, and you’ll see why we’re so confident about the 8 Pillars.

Your next step to winning stakeholders & influencing decisions…

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If you’re a UX leader or someone ready to jump into UX leadership, this program is for you. You’ll get the full mentorship and coaching you need to grow your responsibility and influence in your organization.

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